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Episode #0028 – PMX 2011
Released: December 4, 2011

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Video #0016 – Cool Find: Air Video HD: stream your downloaded anime, with perfect subtitles!
Released: June 16, 2014

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Picks of the Week (DVD/Blu-ray)

OMG! Real Life Ritsuko Tainaka!

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. Work has been crazy busy this past month… which, of course, gets in the way of non-work activities such as anime and podcasting. But since the money that it generates goes towards paying for said anime and podcasting gear, well, it’s a necessary evil that must be endured, […]

K-ON! Blu-ray fansubs are starting to show up in the wild

K-ON! seems to be the current series du jour among the cool kids these days. And indeed it’s actually quite enjoyable – fun and lighthearted with your traditional cast of quirky characters and even some good music to boot. (And yes, an actual review will be coming in a soon-to-be-recorded episode of Otaku no Podcast) […]

Manga artist Junko Mizuno will be signing books TOMORROW in San Francisco Japantown!

Psst – do you live in or near San Francisco? Are you a manga fan? If so, then you might want to visit the New People J-Pop Complex in San Francisco’s Japantown TOMORROW! Manga artist Junko Mizuno will be signing copies of her latest work, “Fluffy Little Gigolo PELU,” at the New People center starting […]

YARRRRR!! Pirates rejoice! One Piece returns to sail the Seven Seas in streaming form!

I know, International Talk Like a Pirate Day isn’t for another few weeks, but I’m sure that once you read the good news contained herein, you’ll forgive me this slight lapse into piratical dialogue.

Avast, ye salty sea dogs! I be bringin’ good news fer all ye One Piece fans out there! FUNimation has […]

Tales of Symphonia anime coming in Spring 2010; promo video available now

Fans of the RPG video game Tales of Symphonia rejoice! Your favorite gaming franchise will soon be returning to the small screen. Tales of Symphonia the Animation: Tethe’alla-hen (that’s a mouthful!) is set to air on Japanese TV in Spring of 2010. This story continues from where the previous OVA series which covered the Sylvarant […]

Silent Lucidity

Recently I was going through my hard drive and found a folder full of AMVs that I had forgotten I had. Watching these brought back a flood of memories of AMV contests from years past, and I saw quite a few of my favorites in the mix. One video, in particular, absolutely floored me when […]

Holy crap, that’s a lot of people!

If you’re a long time listener of Otaku no Podcast, I’m sure you’ve heard certain of our panelists complaining about the large crowds at certain of the more high-profile anime/comic conventions. Indeed, when you look at the attendance figures for two recent events, Anime Expo (reportedly 44,000) and San Diego Comic-Con (reported by Wikipedia as […]

Captchas implemented for new account registration and anonymous comment posting

Unfortunately, Otaku no Podcast has been hit with a rash of spambot attacks. Fortunately the wonderful Akismet plugin has caught most of the spam comments, but the site has been hit with a rash of new account creations that appear to be spammers. In an attempt to prevent future problems, I have implemented captchas – […]

“Sekirei” series back for a second season!

Sekirei is a fun series – nothing special, but fun to watch… and it has plenty of “eye candy,” if you catch my drift. If you’re interested, you can watch for yourself thanks to the fansubs.

The only problem was that its ending left… umm… much to be desired. Like most series derived from manga, […]

Check out my TWO new groups on Crunchyroll

I’m a total fan of Crunchyroll… and to think, I only heard about it a few months ago! And I still am amazed at the thought that generally well-subbed anime hits the Crunchyroll feeds just 1 day after they are aired in Japan – it’s just too cool, I can’t hardly get my brain wrapped […]