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Video #0016 – Cool Find: Air Video HD: stream your downloaded anime, with perfect subtitles!
Released: June 16, 2014

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Yet Another Spring 2010 Anime Lineup

As if my earlier coverage of Japanator’s Spring 2010 anime lineup isn’t enough, here comes another summary of the Spring 2010 anime lineup, in a more graphical form. Thanks to Crunchyroll member everydaygamer for posting this. This one covers a few more shows than the Japanator analysis does.


Japanator presents its 2010 Spring Anime Preview

Are you in that between-series slump? Looking for something new to watch? Curious as to what the Japanese anime industry has in store for us this spring? Are you bored to tears and want to look at some shiny pictures? Good news, Japanator has got you covered, with their Spring 2010 Anime Preview of Doom […]

The Awesome Music of Macross Frontier

Recently I finished watching Macross Frontier. I’ll be posting a full review to the blog in a while, but in short, I was absolutely, positively blown away. Fantastic animation, very engaging storyline, and simply awesome music, which isn’t surprising coming from a series whose whole premise is based on the concept of the power of […]

Testing out a new method of updating Twitter and Facebook

This is just a quick heads-up. I’m testing a new method of updating Twitter AND Facebook whenever I post a new blog or podcast. I’m hoping that this will work without any major snags, but there is always the possibility that it may flood either Twitter or Facebook or both. If this does end up […]

TOKYOPOP announces its 2010 Digital Media Production and Marketing Summer Internship!

ATTENTION ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS!! Looking for a unique and fun way to earn some internship credits and — maybe, just maybe — break into the anime/manga industry? The TOKYOPOP 2010 Digital Media Production and Marketing Summer Internship might just be your golden ticket! From May 28 through September 6 of this year, TOKYOPOP will be […]

The Music Video of Haruhi Suzumiya

So I was prowling around the YouTubes tonight, giving my mind a break from dull repetitive tech writing, when I found this little gem, an insert song from the Haruhi Suzumiya OST titled “God Knows…” (It was used in the scene where Haruhi and Yuki fill in for two of the members of a band […]

Crunchyroll App for iPhone and iPod touch (and soon, iPad!)

Exciting news for all of you anime fans who are iPhone/iPod touch (and soon to be iPad) owners. Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite streaming anime site Crunchyroll on your iDevice? Well now you can, because there’s an app for that! Crunchyroll has recently released their iPhone and iPod touch app, available for […]

about today’s accidental AudioBoos

I’m not sure how or why, but apparently a few random peoples’ AudioBoos somehow accidentally made it onto the Otaku no Podcast AudioBoo feed. So far it looks like this is just an isolated event, but just in case it isn’t, I’ve temporarily disabled AudioBoo publishing. Sorry for any inconvenience and/or confusion, and thanks for […]

Video #0004 - The Sushi Experiment 3.0: Nigiri, Temaki, Chirashi, and Facing the Fish

Greetings, and welcome to the third and final installment in this series of sushi making videos. It’s finally time to run with the big dogs and face your fears – raw fish. But don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it sounds, and assuming you have access to a reasonably good Asian foods market (or […]