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Episode #0028 – PMX 2011
Released: December 4, 2011

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Video #0016 – Cool Find: Air Video HD: stream your downloaded anime, with perfect subtitles!
Released: June 16, 2014

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Love Live! School Idol Festival Tips for New Players (Updated)

Update 10/11/2015: A few minor updates toward the end of the post.

Update: we’ve finally nailed down a time when we’re all able to get together and record our AX wrap-up of Doom. (Better late than never!) And I think (knock on wood) I’ve gotten to the bottom of my computer problems. So look forward […]

Looking for some cheap anime? Try a thrift store! (or flea market/swap meet/garage sale/etc.)

First, apologies for the lack of content recently. Due to a variety of factors (sudden change in co-hosts, unstable work situation, etc.) I haven’t had a chance to produce much new content lately. But that is about to change, as we swing into the summer con season. In fact I have a new video episode […]

We are SO outta here!

And thus ends another Anime Expo… (Updated)

I write this from our tiny hotel room at the Kawada, on the eve of AX Day 4, after an enforced 4 hour-ish nap. Anime Expo 2010 was another phenomenal event. Some among our panelists will disagree (and I’m sure they’ll elaborate during our inevitable Panel Review of Doom, which we’ll try to get to […]

Watch your downloaded anime on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with Air Video (Updated)

Update 2014-06-16: The folks behind Air Video have put out a brand new, even better app, Air Video HD. Not only does it stream your videos in stunning HD quality, but it also perfectly renders subtitles, even complex ones like SSA/ASS! Check out our video review of Air Video HD.

I hope you’ll excuse this […]

The K-On! School is Real!

First, there was the story of the increased popularity of the Washimiya, Saitama area of Japan (and in particular the Washinomiya Shrine located there) because of the fact that much of the anime “Lucky Star” is based in that area. Now comes word of the latest real-life-spot-turned-otaku-mecca, Toyosato High School in Shiga Prefecture.

What? Not […]

The TJX crew talk about one of my favorite subjects – FOOD!

The good news is that my two work projects went very well, and I’ve been having a great time at BlogWorld and New Media Expo, learning a lot of good blog/podcasting stuff and meeting and networking with a lot of cool people. I even took the opportunity to upgrade my podcasting setup – I got […]

The TJX crew talk about Onsen Etiquette (among other things)

The fine folks over at TJX – The Japan Xperience bring us yet another episode of their fine show. This time around, they talk a very important subject — well, important if you ever want to visit one of Japan’s famous hot springs – Onsen Etiquette. (I wish I had this information back when I […]

Greetings, Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy listeners!

Thanks for visiting my humble podcast and website. Your visit is much appreciated.

I’m still pretty new at this podcasting stuff, so your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. You’ll find all the various methods of contacting me on the “Contact Us” page.

I’m trying to get an episode out every two weeks or so. […]

Holy crap, that’s a lot of people!

If you’re a long time listener of Otaku no Podcast, I’m sure you’ve heard certain of our panelists complaining about the large crowds at certain of the more high-profile anime/comic conventions. Indeed, when you look at the attendance figures for two recent events, Anime Expo (reportedly 44,000) and San Diego Comic-Con (reported by Wikipedia as […]