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Released: June 16, 2014

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Video #0002 - The Sushi Experiment 1.0: Inari Sushi

Welcome to our first ever videocast.  Okay, technically this is our second videocast, but since the first one was an Anime LA highlights video I put together over 9000 years ago, it doesn’t really count.  In this first videocast, we take a brief journey away from anime, and into the kitchen, and I teach you how to make Inari Sushi, a tasty treat perfect for munching on during anime watching parties.  (I mentioned this in Anime on the Cheap part 1)  And no raw fish is involved!

This is really an experiment for me.  I won’t do these videocasts very often – maybe one every few months at best – so don’t worry, your bandwidth won’t be choked up with huge downloads every week.

Products mentioned in the video:

5 comments to Video #0002 – The Sushi Experiment 1.0: Inari Sushi

  • Dj City

    I see your work, made your make your own video hahah our work is never done haha (btw how did you film 16:9 I thought you had a mini dv recorder? we have 2 new cooking shows on your list, letting you know you may become hungry.

    • I shot it with a canon HG20 (I got it about a year ago, I used to have a DV camcorder before that but it broke), which is a HD camcorder that shoots in 1080p. Of course it scaled the resolution down to iPod size when I posted it, but it kept the wide screen aspect ratio.

  • Allez cuisine! Very happening videocast. What did you shoot with? Was that edited on iMovie or on Final Cut?

    Seriously, you apologize far too much, dude. It was very well done. I’m not a real tofu fan so inarizushi is something I’d not be making for myself. But temaki (hand roll) is almost as easy. BTW for those who like anime that delves into Japanese myth and legend, Inari is the Kami of grain. Inari is served by good Kitsune, some of which have multiple tails. Inarizushi is known as such because it’s ruddy brown like a fox. It’s also known as Kitsunezushi. Something for all you Narutards out there…^_^

    Another thing: I usually don’t wash my rice as meticulously as you…the starch that clings to the kernels is like the Force: it binds the rice (and the rest of the universe) together. I also like using brown rice, genmai as it’s known in Japanese, most of the time. If you are stuffing a temaki or an inarizushi pocket it is ok for the rice to be a little loose. There was a great place in Sherman Oaks called Genmai Sushi which did all its sushi with brown rice. The chef there jealously guarded his secret way of making it stick together and be coherent. Then again, if you go to some other places now they’ll make you sushi out of brown rice, and Okami, a local company that makes sushi for Trader Joe’s and for Famima!! stores, has also figured out the secret. I haven’t yet.

    Anyway, you did well. A little bit of judicious editing and that would work as a segment on Food Network.

    • Thanks 🙂 I shot it with the Canon HG20 I showed you at A-LA, and edited in iMovie ’09. I shot it in 1080p 30fps Progressive and of course when I exported it it scaled the resolution down to iPod size.

      iMovie ’08 was kind of a lame duck, and rightfully earned the scorn it drew from the blogosphere; but ’09 has IMHO pretty much redeemed itself. The lack of timeline does take some getting used to, but once you manage to wrap your brain around it, you can really crank stuff out fairly quickly. I think that entire project took me less than 30 minutes total, cheesy special effects and all. ’09 also has some pretty impressive features that perhaps rival even Final Cut (EASY picture in picture, Green Screen, etc.).

  • […] about Japanese food before, as have our friends over at TJX.  In fact I’ve even made a video or three on the subject. (In all fairness, the TJX crew did this as well.) But there’s […]

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