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Pop Japan Travel makes its grand return with the Amazing All-Japan Alpha+Omega Adventure Tour!

Pop Japan TravelAre we prophetic or what?

Just one week after our episode where we interviewed the fine folks at Pop Japan Travel (last year), in which I predicted that they would make their triumphant return soon… and they up and did exactly that!

So I say again: are we prophetic or what?!

(Rare is the opportunity when we are actually ahead of the curve; so you’ll have to excuse us a bit of boasting here…)

Anyhoo, yes indeedy, Pop Japan Travel is BACK! And they’ve pulled out all the stops. For their grand return, they will be offering the mother of all tours, the Amazing All-Japan Alpha+Omega Adventure Tour!.

Now, after listening to last week’s episode, you’re probably both really excited and really indecisive at the same time. After all, PJT’s offerings are many and varied. Which one to choose? Well, if you fall into this category, then the Alpha+Omega tour might be just the ticket (heh, pun) — because in this one tour, PJT has combined bits and pieces of all of their offerings! Spanning many facets of otaku culture, including anime and manga, Japanese fashion, theatre, food and traditional culture, the Alpha+Omega tour includes visits to anime and manga studios (where you can meet and interact with real manga and anime artists); a visit to the COMITIA independent manga exhibition (where you can even sell your own works at the Pop Japan Travel booth!); visits to top J-fashion hot spots including Shibuya 109 and La Foret (as well as an opportunity to work with professional photographers and produce your own J-fashion magazine); a tour of Akihabara, famed electronics mecca and now hotbed of otaku culture; an opportunity to see the famed Takarazuka Revue all-female theater troupe; a tour of Kyoto, center of Japanese traditional culture; dining experiences of all shapes and sizes, from the traditional and to the exotic; and oh so much more!

This tour is slated to run between August 29 – September 7. Unfortunately pricing details have not yet been announced. For more information, or to get on the “I’m interested” list, contact PJT today!

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