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Episode #0028 – PMX 2011
Released: December 4, 2011

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Video #0016 – Cool Find: Air Video HD: stream your downloaded anime, with perfect subtitles!
Released: June 16, 2014

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Picks of the Week (DVD/Blu-ray)

The TJX Crew Invade J-Town

If you live in or near a city of reasonable size, odds are that it has a fairly sizable Japanese-American population, and that it would have some form of Japantown. Perhaps it’s nothing more than a collection of several Japanese or Asian markets or restaurants along a particular city block, or perhaps it’s a huge […]

Cool Find: Shira Oka Demo (Updated)

The dating sim game is one of those quintessential staples of otaku culture. Equal parts visual novel, choose-your-own adventure, “sims” style simulation, and harem anime, this style of game basically puts you, the (usually) male protagonist, in various situations with a variety of (usually) females, and your job is to talk to (or otherwise […]

Cool Find: Moments with TK

Angel Beats! is one of the more interesting anime to come out of the Spring 2010 anime lineup. The story (and screenplay) was conceived and written by Jun Maeda, one of the cofounders of Key, the visual novel company famous for such works as Kanon, Air, and Clannad, many of which were later adapted into […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we've found ourselves the real-life Ritsuko Tainaka

Yeah, I know, you might be thinking “wtf? two Cool Finds of the Day” But this is just too cool to pass up…

I love K-ON!. I admit this proudly and with no hesitation. And if you want to diss me for it, or think less of me as a person because of it, then […]

Cool Find of the Day: VOCA-ON!

Welcome to Cool Finds, a new category/segment/whatever where I will be bringing cool anime or manga related things I happen to find in my journeys around the interwebs. Could be a website dedicated to a certain series/character, a video, a game, whatever. Either way, I’m sure you’ll like it. So enjoy!

Vocaloid is a pretty […]

The Awesome Music of Macross Frontier

Recently I finished watching Macross Frontier. I’ll be posting a full review to the blog in a while, but in short, I was absolutely, positively blown away. Fantastic animation, very engaging storyline, and simply awesome music, which isn’t surprising coming from a series whose whole premise is based on the concept of the power of […]

The Music Video of Haruhi Suzumiya

So I was prowling around the YouTubes tonight, giving my mind a break from dull repetitive tech writing, when I found this little gem, an insert song from the Haruhi Suzumiya OST titled “God Knows…” (It was used in the scene where Haruhi and Yuki fill in for two of the members of a band […]

The K-On! School is Real!

First, there was the story of the increased popularity of the Washimiya, Saitama area of Japan (and in particular the Washinomiya Shrine located there) because of the fact that much of the anime “Lucky Star” is based in that area. Now comes word of the latest real-life-spot-turned-otaku-mecca, Toyosato High School in Shiga Prefecture.

What? Not […]

“Anime TV” visits Anime Los Angeles 6

Little did I know, but the folks over at Anime TV, Revision3‘s new anime show, paid a visit to the recently-held Anime Los Angeles 6 held last month. Either they hired uber leet invisible ninja cameramen, or I simply did not notice them thanks to my oblivious-to-the-world nature. More likely the latter. Anyway they highlighted […]

Mobile Suit Gundam now streaming for free on Crunchyroll!

Attention Gundam fans! In honor of the impending Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) Blu-ray release, everybody’s favorite streaming anime provider Crunchyroll is not only streaming Unicorn, but is also streaming the original Mobile Suit Gundam series! This stream is available free to anyone in the US, Canada, Europe (excluding select countries) and Russia.

Not familiar […]